Manure Compost: What is it? How to make it? A round up of resources.

The more you pay attention to your compost bin the better, especially when we are thinking about using manure compost in our gardens and so on.  Read the following information regarding manure compost and know what to do and what to expect from such resource.

Why should it be used cured animal manure (tanned) and not fresh?

In tanning or curing, we are able to eliminate all weed seeds and pathogens or parasites also possible that can contaminate food and cause health problems for consumers when you throw everything in the Compost Bin. Tanning can increase the C / N ratio of the manure, straw or placing material rich in cellulose. We can work with 3 to 5 parts rich in cellulose material for each part of manure.

What is the difference of fresh manure and cured, as organic fertilizer?

Fresh manure has a high percentage of cellulosic bed, while cured of cellulose is almost decomposed. Fresh has high water content, while the cured have reduced content. In fresh manure, nutrients are less. The first is a rough consistency, while the second slurry is. The fresh manure can lead to temporary loss of N despite its higher nitrogen content. The cured manure does not cause deficiency of N, but has greater loss by volatilization of ammonia.

How do I prevent organic manure waste nitrogen in the form of ammonia volatilization?

Distribute the floor: gray, charcoal, natural phosphates, thermophosphates gypsum, superphosphate, etc. In the event that breeders and stable, apply gypsum before placing the beds, which can be: 1.0 to 1.5 kg / equine; 1 and 2 kg / Beef; 0.5 kg / pig and 100 to 200 grams / hen. During the fermentation process or treatment to maintain the proper humidity and mix materials that combine with ammonia, preventing its volatilization. In fresh manure, straw may also be mixed or argillaceous earths, spread in thin layers on the area where you lay the manure to ferment.

How should be proceeded the animal manure tanning so it does not lose its nutrients?

For the best use of animal manure to be used in fertilizer or earthworm humus production, we adopt the following procedures (after all the nutrients are quite important)

  • In slightly sloping ground, manure pile in layers 20-30 cm. Make sure you do the watering with a watering can, without excess.
  • Cover with straw, banana leaves, plastic or other cover improvise.
  • Roll every 2 to 3 days, keeping moisture.
  • Rich phosphate of seeds, ashes, bone meal, coal dust, etc. Can be used 1-2 kg / m3 of manure or 0.5 kg / m3 in pig manure. Under these conditions, the manure must be cured in 15 to 20 days.

When you follow the above tips you will ensure that the manure is the best to be used in your land or even garden. Having the right information regarding your compost bin is essential to have the best results possible along the way.

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