How to make compost the bokashi way

How to make compost the bokashi way

Composting is a great thing to do for the environment and to make sure that you have plenty of great soil for gardens. The problem is that many are scared of the smell or just do not have a lot of room if they live in a small house or urban apartment.Read More about bokashi garden at So what can you do? Bokashi compost is a fantastic way to get into the compost game on a small level and still have high quality compost to use.

What is it?: Bokashi is a very fast method of composting that has origins in Japan. It essentially uses fermentation to make the process faster and reduce the smell; it is also generally done in buckets. While standard compost breaks down with oxygen and a little moisture in an anaerobic process and needs more space to allow that air in, the fermentation of Boksashi allows for a smaller space.

Why Bokashi?: There are a lot of benefits to using Bokashi over other forms of composting. One of the biggest benefits is speed, while standard composting takes around 8 weeks for the first results to appear you will see results from Bokashi within days. As long as the process is done right there is no smell at all, not even a little bit. Finally there are very few regulations on what you can put into Bokashi over as standard pile. There are no limitations on dairy, meats or anything else just scrape your left over’s right into the bin and let the compost begin.How to make compost the bokashi way

How to do it?: It may sound like Bokashi is going to be a difficult process, but really it is no harder than standard composting. You will need some medium to large containers that have air tight lids on them and a tap on the bottom. Various hardware and supply stores will have different size containers with these lids and taps that work great for the process. Kitchen scraps are a must and then the one big difference is having Bokashi mix for the pile.

Depending on your local area you can find starter kits for Bokashi in local stores or online. If you have the containers already all you need to do is find the mix. Once you put the scraps from the kitchen into the container you put in some of the mix and continue this same kind of process every time you add to the bucket, it really is that simple.

After 3 to 4 days you should be able to harvest your first batch of Bokashi “tea” and use it as you like. Using the tap will pull it from the bottom where the process will be at its fullest (since you add stuff to the top) and you are all set to go. Watering indoor house plants with this “tea” will make them healthier, less likely to brown and larger. When the bin you are using is actually full wait a few more days and then you can add it to your garden, that simple. Not only do you get the “tea” benefit which you do not get from regular composting you get great solid compost in no time flat.

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