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Composting is one of the best and easiest things that anyone can do to help the environment. Green living is an important part of today’s society and something that everyone should look into with composting being the bedrock. Read More at http://www.greenwish.com/breaking-down-composting-simple-ways-to-turn-kitchen-waste-into-garden-gold/ A lot of people who have never composted before can feel overwhelmed by the information that is out there or buy into some of the stereotypes like thinking that the pile will smell very bad.

  1. How to make compost the bokashi way
  2. Breaking Down Composting: Simple Ways to Turn Kitchen Waste into Garden Gold
  3. Tips and Tricks for winter composting with a pile or without.
  4. Does my compost pile effect climate change?
  5. Making Your Own Garden Compost Is Easy

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